My Personal Hostgator Support Service Experience 1

In this post, I am going to share with you a transcript that was taken between me and the support team of Hostgator.

What happen was one of my money making site was hacked due to a virus from my computer. Although the problem was not caused by Hostgator, their support team put in great effort to solve my problem.

Best of all, there is no charge at all and my site was up again making money for me.

Below is the transcript that I have requested from the LIVE CHAT service.

[Initial Question]:
(12:52 am) [System] Customer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent.
(12:54 am) [Caley G.] Welcome to live chat. My name is Caley, I thank you for your patience as you waited in queue. Please know that I have reviewed your input, however I would appreciate it if you could give me a little more information:
(12:54 am) [Caley G.] How may I help you with your site?
(12:54 am) [Caley G.] What do you see when you go to your site?
(12:55 am) [Kelvin Lee]: Oh when I click on the blog post, there are added words and links that is related to xxxxxx or whatever. You can click on any post and you will see weird wordings that have some links
(12:57 am) [Caley G.] May I please have the primary domain, or the primary email on the account? This was provided to us, when you created the hosting account with us.
(12:57 am) [Caley G.] Due to the nature of the concern on your account, it is essential that I set up a ticket on your behalf right away regarding the issue at hand. This will open up a line of communication between you and our Security Administrators who can review your account directly to determine how it was compromised and assist you in preventing further exploitation and recovering your site if possible.  Once the ticket is created, I will escalate it as well for prompt review.
(12:57 am) [Caley G.]
(12:57 am) [Caley G.] In the meantime, it is vital that you and I avoid logging in and that we make no changes to the files/folders on the account to allow necessary timestamps to stay in place for the investigation to proceed as smoothly as possible.  The Security team will notify you via email reply once the investigation is completed.
(12:57 am) [Caley G.]
(12:57 am) [Caley G.] I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in advance, but rest assured, our Security team will do their best to ensure the security and safety of your account as quickly as possible.  One moment please while I work to create the ticket on your behalf.  Thank you for your patience in advance
(12:57 am) [Kelvin Lee]: Thanks for your help
(12:59 am) [Caley G.] May I please have the primary domain, or the primary email on the account? This was provided to us, when you created the hosting account with us.
(1:01 am) [Kelvin Lee]: crossed it for privacy purpose) and the email should be
(1:03 am) [Caley G.] Thank you Kindly for providing that information.
(1:03 am) [Caley G.] For security purposes, I will need to ask you a question to verify your identity. May I have the last four digits and type of the credit card on file, the most recent PayPal transaction ID, or your account’s security PIN please? I do apologize about the inconvenience this might cause.
(1:05 am) [Kelvin Lee]: The Order number is xxxxxxxx. I pay with credit card number ending with xxxx. If not maybe you can send me an email for verification
(1:06 am) [Caley G.] Do you have the paypal transaction ID?
(1:07 am) [Kelvin Lee]:  I did a paypal payment on the 3 Dec 20xx for the following transaction ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(1:08 am) [Caley G.] Thank you Kindly for providing that information.
(1:09 am) [Caley G.] What are all the pages that you noticed these links on?
(1:11 am) [Kelvin Lee]:
(1:11 am) [Kelvin Lee]: I will check for more pages, the above are 2 of them
(1:11 am) [Caley G.] Thank you Kindly.  Please do
(1:17 am) [Kelvin Lee]: it seems that it is only for the 2 pages
(1:19 am) [Caley G.] JAT-17833519 : User feels site was hacked
This is the ticket I rose for you as a result of this
(1:19 am) [Caley G.] My security team will review this for you and get back you via email
(1:20 am) [Kelvin Lee]: sure, so your security team will help me clean up the site?
(1:20 am) [Caley G.] Yes I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience
(1:21 am) [Kelvin Lee]: no problem. I am grateful for your help
(1:22 am) [Caley G.] Thank you Kindly.
(1:22 am) [Caley G.] Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
(1:23 am) [Kelvin Lee]: that should be all
(1:24 am) [Caley G.] Thank you Kindly.  Kelvin , I would like to Thank you for using HostGator Live Chat. If you could take a minute to rate your experience with HostGator as well as my overall performance, that would help us to improve our customer service. To do that, just click the button that says Rate and Exit in the upper right hand corner. The survey takes less than a minute to fill out.
(1:24 am) [Kelvin Lee]: okay this
(1:24 am) [System] Chat closed by customer request.

Without any hassle, the problem is solved by them and my website got back to normal and I continue to make money from my online business. I am personally a technical idiot and I believe that most of you guys are and therefore having an excellent support is very important and this is what you are going to get from Hostgator.

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My Personal Hostgator Review

In this post, I am going to share with you my personal experience with Hostgator service. Personally I have over 15 websites hosted by Hostgator and this alone tells you how much I trust them.

Initially my first few websites are setup at However I find their platform too complicated and they have some restriction toward online businesses and this leads me to look for another reliable web hosting company.

I was recommended by my friend to Hostgator and I decided to transfer one website to Hostgator so that I can try out their service.

The first problem that I encounter was how to transfer my website to Hostgator and therefore I decide to try out their live chat service to look for help. The operator on the other side was great and she show me exactly how I should transfer my website to Hostgator.

With the clear instruction, I manage to transfer my website to hostgator within 10 minutes and from that moment onward, I know that I am right to try them out.

Beside the live chat, I have also get help from the Hostgator support team via email and I must say that they are very fast in replying emails. This shows the dedication toward service by Hostgator.

Another incident that happens to me is when I get back home after a movie with my wife. I decided to check out my website and to my horror, my website was completely blanked.

I decided to do a live chat with the support team of Hostgator as I totally do not know what to do. After verifying my account with me, they started to help me look into the problem. Within a short period of time, they told me that my website was hacked by someone.

They started to clear up the website and manage to get the website back to normal within half an hour. After investigation, they say that it is due to the virus on my computer and they recommended me a free virus scanner to get rid of the virus on my computer.

True enough, the scanner detect a trojan virus and it helped me to delect it away. The best part of this whole episode is I do not have to do anything and the technical team got everything done for me.

Since then, I have shifted all my websites to Hostgator and I actually sign up a 36 months package with them. If you have been following my blog, you will know that I will never recommend anything that I myself did not use.

As a online business owner, your up time is very important as it will determine the amount of income you make and therefore I will strongly suggest that you consider Hostgator to be your hosting company.